Tidbit #3

FSS Tidbit #3 Safety Notices

and Marine Wiring Code

This is an informational post from your FSS  Vice Commodores /Safety guy / Mast Wedge Inspector on various things that are boat (Friendship Sloop) related.

Here are two quick tidbits of product information from Practical Sailor. Orion Safety Products has announced a ”product replacement notice” for some of their old flares. Their older XLT flares and 12-guage meteor flares used in their flare pistols have failed to ignite on some occasions. If you have one of their flare pistols, and it has ORANGE colored meteor flare cartridges that are still within their expiration date you need to contact them. This replacement program does not apply to the newer RED colored flare cartridges. You can get details from the Orion website (www.orionsignals.com) or call 800-851-5260 or 765-472-4375.

Mustang Survival (www.mustangsurvival.com) is recalling their MD2010 and MD2012 PFDs sold in the US in 2011. If you have either of these PFDs you should visit their website www.mustangsurvival.com/22lb-product-notice or call Mustang customer service at 800-526-0532. Some of these PFDs are not faulty but you need to check the site to see if your PFDs are subject to this recall.

With this great weather we’ve been having some of you may decide to do some electrical upgrades. If you do you may want to use the correct colors for whatever wires you install. Most newer boats follow the recommended color code but older boats like ours have potentially gone through several previous owners and been subjected to “upgrades” and repairs of unknown quality. Below is a table of wire colors and the applications where they are used. Following the correct color code not only makes it easier to troubleshoot if a problem arises, but also can increase the value of the boat at the next survey.

If you are upgrading be sure to use the right wire. Using the wrong type of wire can cost you more in the long run. Insist on Marine Grade™ Boat Cable by ANCOR. It is UL approved for the corrosive marine environment and charter boat service. Marine Grade™ Boat Cable is specially designed to exceed all test standards for cold bend, moisture and oil resistance, heat shock and flammability. This ensures the safest, easiest to install, longest lasting and ultimately the least expensive electrical system you can buy. Only ANCOR offers a complete line of Marine Grade™ Boat Cable for every need. Most of the quality marine stores and online vendors carry ANCHOR products.

The majority of this information on wiring comes from Marinco’s website so if you want additional technical details I highly recommend that you visit their site. It’s full of great stuff.

Bill Whitney is Vice-Commodore of the Friendship Sloop Society and master and owner of GAIVOTA, FSS #214

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