Another tidbit….#5

Hi Group,

Here is a little tidbit of information that I picked up from an old friend in Michigan about 50 years ago. He was an old retired Navy gunner’s mate who loved to keep things mechanical working well. While we were rigging “STORMY” , an old steel hulled yawl built in Germany before WWII, I mentioned to him that some of the shackles on the chain plates were very loose fitting. It seemed that the shackle pins were much smaller than the holes. Five minutes later he returned from the rigging loft with some short pieces of metal tube that took up most of the slop and made everything fit better. I use this same trick on “GAIVOTA’s” stem fitting.

Years of wear had enlarged the holes, so I stick a piece of SS tube on the shackle pin to fill in the gap between the pin and the inside of the hole. Packed with some lanolin, it provides additional surface to bear  the load of the bobstays and acts like a bearing. I guess it works. In the 12+ years I’ve been rigging it this way the stem fitting holes don’t seem to be wearing. It works! The attached pictures are not the best but you’ll get the idea.

Bill Whitney is Vice-Commodore of the Friendship Sloop Society and master and owner of GAIVOTA, FSS #214

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